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2012 Dan Reed Network reunited with their original founding members, drummer Dan Pred, guitarist Brion James, bassist Melvin Brannon Jr and of course Dan Reed and ever since they have proven that their late 80s rock sound somewhere between glam, funk and hard rock has aged extremely well.
At the same time the band has always been brilliant at taking established and stereotyped genres and break them with stage charisma. A good example for their audacity is their second record from 1989 „Slam“ which was produced by by famous disco producer Nile Rodgers. Their most recent record „Origins“ is a stretch between traditional rock and some more experimental music, which is manifested in the reissue of their classic tune „Ritual“ which combines riffs, funk elements, 80s EBM keys and Reeds remarkable voice and sounds. A big impact in that is down due to the youngster oft he band Rob Daiker, who co produced the record and completes the band on keyboards.
But being together on stage remains the bands biggest asset. Therefore they’ll return to Germany in December to mark the 30th anniversairy of „Slam“ which will see a rerelease by Universal Music.
Wed 04.12.2019   Berlin
Frannz Club
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