Unfortunately, and despite all our efforts, we were not able to find suitable make-up dates for the Celeste shows that were initially planned for May 5th Cologne, Stadtgarten and May 6th Munich, Feierwerk Hansa 39.
Tickets can be refunded at point of purchase.


Those of you who’ve seen the young English singer Celeste know that this could be the start of a big career. At her show during Reeperbahn Festival she needed not much more than a piano play, her voice and her aura to cast the whole theatre under her spell. Celestes way of singing is reminiscent of legends like Amy, Etta, Ella, Otis and naturally Aretha. And it just so happens that Aretha Franklin was the first singer that really moved the then 6 years old Celeste. "She is the first singer I can remember“ she said in an interview. "My Grandpa and I drove through the city and he played a tape of her – he instantly noticed that I loved it. He went on to play 24 more songs.“ She discovered her own voice at the Brighton church choir. Later during school she found likeminded friends who shared her love for jazz and soul. She started to do cover versions and slowly to write her own songs. On her first Ep "Lately“ she manifested her own sound, aware of the history yet modern. With songs like "Fathers Son“ or "Strange“ she doesn’t just showcase her amazing voice but also her emotional and pointed songwriting. She recently said „Now I understand my sound much better and know how I want to appear as an artist. It’s not just about singing pretty – you should also have something to say.“ Wise words from a young and incredibly talented woman, who’ll be back in Germany early May.
Wed 06.05.2020  –  Thu 06.05.2021   Munich
Feierwerk Hansa 39
Canceled | Tickets can be refunded at point of purchase.
Admission: 19:00 –  Starts at: 20:00 –  How to get there
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