Now Is A Long Time Tour 2021
Charlie Millar
The duo from London already released two new songs in this strange year and both seemed predestined to be listened to while we’re dancing on our own in our appartments reminiscing about warm club nights. Sweet Sunshine is a seething mass of beats with heartwarming vocals that caught this years mood perfectly while simultaneously makes our body move.
„Fading Up“ - released in mid November has the well known balance we came to love from their debut album „Binary Childhood“.
Intricate beats and sidestepping song structures on the one hand and on the other warm, soothing and highly melodic vocals. In that sweetspot ist he essence of any good Otzeki song.
When you turn up the volume on these songs that you feel the bass run through your body
Come September 30th we’ll have the chance to see cousins Mike Sharp and Joel Roberts again in their natural club habitat at Ex-Burg Schnabel. Most likely including new music as they did spend their year productivly even though they did not have chances to play live.
Thu 30.09.2021   Berlin
Ex-Burg Schnabel
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