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Clemens Schmidbauer
Strictly speaking, we could keep this press release very brief: "Go to YouTube channel Elbphilharmonie: Watch live stream recording Soap&Skin August 2019!" These sentences should be enough to convince you that Soap&Skin concerts are a must-see experience.
She recorded her last album "From Gas To Solid / you are my friend" mostly in her Vienna apartment - and yet it sounded as if she had recorded it in a space station drifting through space in total solitude overlooking infinity.
The journalist Julia Friese wrote at the time in Musikexpress very aptly about the effect of this intense album: "Anja Plaschg doesn't actually make music. Music creates feelings. But 'From Gas To Solid / you are my friend' is a feeling that uses the listener's body as an instrument.
It reaches for his innermost being and tries to help him escape. Your eyes start to water, your hair starts to stand up, you scream to get out of yourself a little more."
We can't sum it up any better than that. Now there is finally the opportunity to see Soap&Skin on stage again. In September she will perform in Munich and Berlin and make us all feel that our bodies are indeed instruments in her compositions.


Tickets for Soap&Skin will exclusively be sold personalized. Personalized means, that every single ticket is bounded to one person who is mentioned by name on it.
Special limitation: max. 6 tickets per person per show.
Personalization of tickets as well as the limitation of the number of purchasable tickets takes place for causes of fairness and to avoid a secondary ticket market on which tickets often are offered to excessively inflated prices. Through this special and conscious regulation of pre-sale all fans should been given the opportunity to purchase tickets at fair prices.
The official online ticket pre-sale is handled exclusively by All other ticket providers offering tickets for sale are NON AUTHORIZED sellers.
Wed 28.09.2022   Berlin
Postponed from 19.03.2022 | All tickets will remain valid.
Ticket Price
45.50 - 49.90 €
Admission: 18:30 –  Starts at: 20:00 –  How to get there
Disabled persons who can proof a need of a constant helper, please contact
Payment Methods
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