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Memoria Tour
Sofie Nørregaard
15 years after the acclaimed Danish composer, musician and producer Trentemøller released his milestone debut album The Last Resort, the new and sixth album 'Memo- ria’ has been released this Ferbuary on his own label “In My Room”. In stark contrast to the previous studio album, Obverse (2019), Memoria is intended and almost demanding to be presented on the live venues and festivals which we have all been longing for during these past couple of years.
Besides an exciting stage- and light design collaboration with the legendary lighting designer Leroy Bennett (who has worked with Nine Inch Nails, Prince, Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, etc) Trentemøller will be joined on stage by an all new band consisting of four carefully selected musicians: Icelandic solo artist Disa (vocals and guitar), who possess exactly the ethereal voice that Trentemøller has been searching for to perform the haunting vocal melodies from Memoria, Silas Tinglef (drums) is releasing music as 2nd Blood who’s debut EP is produced and mixed by Trentemøller and released on In My Room, Brian Batz (guitar) is the man behind dream pop/shoegaze band Sleep Party People - and Jacob Haubjerg (bass) has long been playing with bands like Sleep Party People and Savage Rose - while also releasing music in his indie pop/post punk project Luster.


Tickets for Trentemøller will exclusively be sold personalized. Personalized means, that every single ticket is bounded to one person who is mentioned by name on it.
Ticket limit: max. 6 tickets per person.
Personalization of tickets as well as the limitation of the number of purchasable tickets takes place for causes of fairness and to avoid a secondary ticket market on which tickets often are offered to excessively inflated prices. Through this special and conscious regulation of pre-sale all fans should been given the opportunity to purchase tickets at fair prices.
The official online ticket pre-sale is handled exclusively by All other ticket providers offering tickets for sale are NON AUTHORIZED sellers.
Tue 30.08.2022   Leipzig
Postponed from 25.02.2022 | All tickets will remain valid
Ticket Price
30.80 €
The sale of tickets to children under the age of 6 years is hereby ruled out. No ticket may be purchased for them (also not along with other tickets) as third-party beneficiaries.
Admission: 19:00 –  Starts at: 20:00 –  How to get there
Wheelchair users and disabled persons, who can proof a need of a constant helper, please contact
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