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Working Men's Club

Lillie Eiger
The Trades Club in Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire was once called a "working men's club" in England. There was not only the cultivated pint with the colleagues, but also tangible education, cultural events, discussions, trade union meetings, socialist working groups and more. Further on, many of these "working men's clubs" became youth hangouts and concert venues - in case of the Trades Club, even one with a legendary reputation. Numerous new wave, punk and post-punk bands played there, early Afrobeat acts stopped by, and you could also encounter Krautrock there. Sydney Minsky-Sargeant, bandleader of the band Working Men's Club, owes a large part of his musical socialization to the Trades Club - which led him and his fellow musicians to name their own band Hommage Working Men's Club.
Why are we telling this remarkable accurate? Because all of this is in the DNA of the band and can be clearly heard on the ten songs of the self-titled debut album. They are often called a post-punk band, but this is not sufficient: "Valleys", for example, makes you think of „ Neu!" at first and then gets a cool gothic style. "White Rooms and People" has that outsized New Wave yearning at first, then tips briefly into the noughties indie school, flashes the brash intelligence of Pulp, and then turns to New Wave again. "Cook a Coffee," on the other hand, is noisy, stoic, snotty, punky and has more of an Idles vibe.


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Tue 06.09.2022   Leipzig
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postponed from 07.05.2022
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