Lykke Li

Fans of the Swedish Artist Lykke Li are happy about the first musical impressions of her new Album ‘’EYEEYE’’ which is going to be released on the 20th of May.
Her first Single ‘’No Hotel’’ was a stunning reduced, but very deep ballad where Lykke Li sings about desire and the burned up love.
The new Single ‘’Highway To Your Heart’’ is similar when it comes to the emotions but
with little differences- dark sounds and decent beats playing around her voice until the chorus ; where the drums get particular and it gets more melodic.Lyrically her songs are especially about desire and loneliness just like in following line:‘’Night falls, it rains, I wake up alone”.
With these songs she came back to her supreme discipline: establishing the pop genre, which isn’t afraid of showing huge and true emotions and deep thoughts.
Lykke Li told us that the upcoming Album was recorded in her bedroom in Los Angeles. Creative sparrings-partner and producer was once again Björn Yttling, also at her Albums before. “EYEEYE” got a strong visual component- responsible for that is the director Theo Lindquist. Lykke said about the concept “We want beauty and augustness from like a three hours long European arthouse-movie captured and creating something which is appealing to the modern media.
Lykke Li will play only one exclusive show in Berlin at Metropol.


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Mon 24.10.2022   Berlin
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