Emily King

Bao Ngo
Roughly ten years ago the young Emily King released her debut album “East Side Story”. The young New Yorker knew to convince with her changeable clear voice and the subtle rnb sound that paid homage to the big idols of the past and at the same time kept the pop sound close to the heart. King who by the way was first heard on the Nas record “Street’s Discipline” from 2004 has won multiple awards in the meantime but has also maintained a healthy tempo for releases. “The Switch” including the hit single “Distance” came out in 2015. Now she finished working on “Scenery” which is due to be released in 2019 and is set to play an exclusive show at Maschinenhaus in Berlin. The pre released single “Look At Me Now” is nothing short from a rnb soul anthem for all the freshly broken hearted. She’s teasing everyone stupid enough to break up with her“How you dealing without me?” and turns the screw a little deeper into the heart: „Hello / Did you keep all the records? /Do they sound good without me?“. We all know what the audience on March 1st will say loudly: “No!”
Fri 01.03.2019   Berlin
Ticket Price
15.40 €
The sale of tickets to children under the age of 6 years is hereby ruled out. No ticket may be purchased for them (also not along with other tickets) as third-party beneficiaries.
Admission: 19:00 –  Starts at: 20:00 –  How to get there
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