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For more then 20 years now Biggi Veira and Daníel Ágústs project GusGus has been one of Icelands most exciting electronic acts. We know it’s a pretty superficial description but writing down all the genres and subgenres GusGus relate to would certainly break the mould of this text. In recent years alone their music was influenced by triphop, synth-pop, deep techno and
progressive house just to name a few.
It’s gotten a little bit quiet after their last release „Mexico“ and singles like „Obnoxiously Sexual“ and „Crossfade“ in 2015 but now things start to pick up again with their new record „Lies Are More Flexible“ about to be released. Just recently they performed the driving title track and the first single „Featherlight“, which was released in June 2017 live on KEXP. These two songs serve as a great tastemaker fort he upcoming record.

If you ever went to a GusGus show you’ll know that their music is always accompanied by a perfectly synched light and visual show which adds another dimension to their show. But it’s probably the best idea if you’ll just witness it yourself.
Wed 10.10.2018   Leipzig
Werk 2
Additional Show
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28.60 €
The sale of tickets to children under the age of 6 years is hereby ruled out. No ticket may be purchased for them (also not along with other tickets) as third-party beneficiaries.
Admission: 19:00 –  Starts at: 20:00 –  How to get there
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